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Beauty, Wellness, and Weddings 2023

Font Redesign

Susquehanna Style magazine showcases quality content that brings readers in from all across the Susquehanna Valley. While keeping readers informed with the latest happenings in the region, the design of the magazine stays consistent from issue to issue. With the rollout of the Beauty, Wellness, and Weddings 2023 Issue, the fonts were updated to reflect the modern and stylistic approach that the brand creates.


SQS January/February issue 2022


SQS January/February issue 2023

While keeping most of the layout the same, the opener titles and headlines were changed to a bold, exaggerated serif, "Lust". The idea was to create more contrast and interest for the reader when paired with the secondary sans serif, "Proxima Nova".




Another noticeable difference is the section tabs. The font was changed to the sans serif "Proxima Nova", with an accompanying thin bar to draw more of an emphasis to the rest of the content.

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